Looking for the best mechanical condition D90 possible? Then consider one of our French LHD D90 2.5NA or 2.5TD builds. We supply the best LHD D90 build on the market, and these are the ONLY Rovers on the market with a 1 year engine, gearbox and transfer case warranty!

lhd2LHD D90 builds a have a fully reconditioned engine, supplied by Cotterell Engineering Ltd in England, a fully reconditioned gearbox from Ashcroft Transmissions and a reconditioned transfer box reconditioned by Alan himself. Then the truck is completely checked over mechanically, replacing anything that needs changing including the steering and brake systems, the electrical and lighting systems, the complete suspension, the exhaust system and the seating. Alan does not repair the bodywork, interiors or install extras this is done Stateside by GMR to meet clients specifications.

lhd1Of course, with the tightening of the 25 year US Importation rule, only Defenders with their original chassis’ are eligible to enter the USA now. This means that it is very rare to find a corrosion free North European chassis because of the relentless salting of the roads during the European winters. The trucks that We look for are generally sourced in France, in areas that see little or no salt. Mostly, the rear cross-members suffer on early Defenders, but this is not only a salt issue. Normal mud and grime gets ‘caked’ into the rear cross-member crevices and just slowly corrodes into the metal, if it’s not cleaned regularly. Eventually, the rear cross-member needs replacing, and if necessary, Alan will replace it. He also holds a British Standard welding certificate so the repair can be guaranteed good!!

Prices are fixed at $18,500 for a 2.5NA and $19,500 for a 2.TD.

We can source D90’s in hard top or soft top. Price includes shipping from France, all customs charges, EPA/DOT paper work, import taxes, and a VT title.

A little history in on our LHD D90 restoration specialist.

wayne2Alan Langridge is a Director of Village Land Engineering Ltd., a British company that exports reconditioned engines, transmissions and steering parts solely into France. Alan studied motor engineering with the Institute of the British Motor Industry at Brighton Technical College, UK. After leaving college with an A.M.I.M.I, he designed and built single seater racing cars and for his contribution to the motor industry, he was awarded full membership of the Institute in 1984. Following his passion for Land Rovers, Alan formed Village Land in 2005, and began buying, rebuilding and selling Land Rovers. The business today has evolved into selling engines, gearboxes and steering, and is considered as one of Ashcroft Transmissions leading suppliers into France.

What we do to each engine we rebuild.

Cylinder Head.

  • Chemically cleaned and pressure tested, all threads checked and rectified.
  • New core plugs.
  • New valve guides.
  • Recut valve veats.
  • New valves.
  • New valve eals.
  • New pre-combustion chamber hot spots.
  • New injector seats
  • Head resurfaced.


  • Chemically cleaned and pressure tested, all threads checked and rectified..
  • Rebored, honed and resurfaced.
  • New core plugs.
  • Crankshaft crack detected, checked for tolerance and polished or reground.
  • New teflon coated pistons.
  • New oil pump.
  • New camshaft.
  • New camshaft bearings fitted and honed.
  • Tappet assembly checked and replaced where necessary.
  • New big ends, main bearings and thrust washers.
  • New cylinder head bolts.
  • New water pump.
  • New temp and pressure sensors.
  • New thermostat.
  • New cambelt and tensioner.
  • New joints, oil seals, oil filter and gaskets.


We can also rejuvenate the look of your new vehicle with fresh paint!

Before Paint After Paint


Just a quick note on my recent purchase of a ROW spec LR90 2.5NA.

I considered importing a 90 or Defender myself, but after looking into the time involved with finding the right vehicle, the paperwork, etc. I started looking for an importer or for one already in the States. I found GMR through the LR forums and a to their reputation of sourcing good trucks at a fair price.

The vehicle was generally as described, mechanically solid and is a great driver with the overhauled engine and new Ashcroft box. Derek was very accommodating in letting my mechanic and I drive and poke around the vehicle. It was also a pleasure to meet Derek, talk cars and airplanes and see some of his other vehicles and the drive through Vermont itself is worth the visit.

I recommend GMR if you are looking for a ROW spec vehicle.

Regards, W