I came across GMR through my local Land Rover community and everyone I talked to said he was the guy to use. I wanted a daily driver Defender, we talked about what would be the best option for me. Within a few weeks he found me a beautiful Ex Mod 90. I have been driving the truck everyday, 3000 miles in 2 months. He helped make my dream come true.


In the Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to work with Derek Chace and Green Mountain Rovers in my pursuit of obtaining a Land-Rover.
Initially I was not sure exactly what type of Defender I wanted.
Relying on Derek’s experience and expertise, he introduced me to a few MOD models.
Derek was able to provide me with a 1987 110 MOD which is an exceptional truck. It was and continues to be everything he said it would be.
His ability to access my needs and his honest approach to putting a deal together gave me great confidence in purchasing the truck.
I highly recommend Derek Chace as a person to partner with when selecting a Land-Rover.
RP – Connecticut

Bob Powell


After searching for a Series Land Rover for a couple of years, I happened upon Derek Chace and greenmountainrovers.com. A Series III 109 was just what I wanted, but right hand drive made me a little hesitant. Derek eased my fears and got me behind the wheel to give it a try. I just loved it.

Derek and his wife, Catherine, made this the easiest and most enjoyable auto purchase I have ever had. ‘After the sale’ service is also top-notch. I came away with a great vehicle two new friends.



“Buying and shipping a 20+ year old, ex-military vehicle from England can turn into a nightmare if you deal with the wrong people. After a solid month of trawling Ebay and Craigslist for a Defender (only finding rust buckets, overpriced vehicles, and questionably legal grey market rigs) I got into contact with Derek at Green Mountain Rovers. I told him everything I wanted in my next car (soft top, non-turbo diesel, ex MOD) and he matched me with exactly what I was looking for. Not only did he get me the best price around, take care of the paperwork and pickup in Baltimore, and drive it back to New England for me, the D90 was in outstanding condition. I threw four new all-season tires on it and drove it from Maine to Moab, Utah to Tampa, Florida and back without a single problem. GMR took great care of me and I’m sure they’ll take great care of you too.”



I had a terrific experience with Derek and GMR. I had been in the market for a 5d 110 Defender for a year, after having acquired a 110 Hicap. I contacted Derek and he quickly found me a 110 that he thought I might like. He managed the entire process including getting the 110 to the port, on the boat, through customs, and up to VT. Communication was excellent throughout the process. He and his wife actually drove two hours to meet me and hand off the vehicle. I got my first “Wow, that is cool!” even before I pulled out of the parking lot. I drove 200+ miles home, and it handled beautifully. I am thrilled with my “new” 1987 5d 110 Defender 2.5NA diesel; it really is a daily driver. I would recommend Derek and GMR without reserve

Christopher C.