Buying a Land Rover is a commitment, an all-encompassing venture into a community of helpful enthusiasts that all share a passion for Land Rover vehicles. That being said, you should definitely do your research before jumping into any vehicle purchase. Please ask questions, we are happy to give you the answers or point you in the right direction.

Series or Defender


  • the classic Rover everyone always thinks of.
  • parts tend to be a little cheaper
  • overall vehicle cost is cheaper
  • great entry level rover
  • 4 speed transmission
  • no central locking Diff
  • harsh ride on ruff roads from leaf spring suspension
  • resale prices fluctuate widely from year to year


  • took all the good parts of the series and carried then forward
  • 5 speed transmission
  • coil spring suspension smoother ride
  • stable high resale value
  • more Diesel engine choices
  • power steering on most models
  • central locking diff
  • higher parts cost
  • higher initial cost

Short or long wheel base?

They both have their advantages and disadvantages

90 : short wheel base

  • better steering around tight spots
  • better break over angles
  • lighter (when not loaded)
  • better fuel economy
  • anti-mother in law
  • easier to recover when winching / pushing is involved
  • much easier to park
  • cannot carry much
  • less stability
  • cannot install center winch and side boxes
  • a little to light in the snow during winter driving

110 : long wheel base

  • passenger carrier (5 door version)
  • stable at higher speeds
  • more stable on rough terrain
  • easier hill climb (once over the break over and approach angles)
  • better on soft grounds (traction) as it’s weight is spread further
  • lotsa space to mount air tanks, LPG tanks, winches, storage boxes
  • better in winter driving as long wheel base and heavier.
  • turning circle
  • body flex (rattle)
  • fuel economy
  • not fun for city driving
  • parallel parks like a battleship

The wild card 101

  • it’s awesome
  • the looks you get while driving it are priceless
  • you will be the coolest person at any show /drive/event/trip to work or school
  • it’s fun to look down on people from the 101
  • lots of load area space
  • sounds like American muscle car
  • shorter then a 110 so parallel parks like a frigate
  • nice to have the ability to crush the Prius in front of you
  • was in judge dread also in the wild geese
  • chicks dig it
  • they only made 2600 so it’s super rare
  • people some times think they are being invaded when you pull into the parking area
  • if you make a misstep getting out its going to hurt as its a long way down.
  • everything will take 30 minutes longer as people will always want to talk you you about it
  • you get tired of saying its not a Unimog