We can source RHD 110’s or 90’s hard or soft top between 16-19K. We can source 101’s starting at 18K and can source ex mod 109’s hard or soft top starting at 15K

The Defender offers these advantages over the older Series:

  • Coil springs, offering a more comfortable ride and improved axle articulation
  • A permanent four-wheel drive system borrowed from the Range Rover, featuring a two-speed transfer gearbox with a lockable centre differential
  • A modernised interior
  • A taller one-piece windscreen
  • A new series of progressively more powerful and more modern engines.
  • The One Ten was launched in 1983, and the Ninety followed in 1984.


Why buy a military land rover?

What are some of the differences between a military and civilian Land Rover?

  • Military chassis are undercoated from new to prevent corrosion, and the original black chassis paint is can be exposed by a bit of scraping. Generally, they are much sturdier than their civilian counterparts, and have the added convenience of a removable gearbox cross-member, which makes repair and replacement of the gearbox a snap.
  • Most military Rovers have twin, 10 gallon fuel tanks, which can be manually switched on the fly, and individual senders, so the gauge will work on both tanks, and the 2.25 liter gas engine has twin fan belts. Defender models have the 2.5 diesel engine, with locking diffs, coil springs, and power steering.
  • They are also fitted with “bumperettes”, which are smaller bumpers, which sit above the main front bumper, and stick out from the rear crossmember which generally protect the front and rear lights.
  • Military land Rovers also had leather gaiters covering the axle swivels, so corrosion is unlikely. The suspension is of a sturdier construction, with heavy-duty leaf springs, and heavy-duty shock absorbers.