We can only import rovers that we have sold.

However, if you’d like import services, please contact http://dividingcreekimports.com and tell them GMR Imports sent you!

Due to import restrictions, there are a few limitations on the types of customization we can offer to your Land Rover before import.

Examples of what we can do:

What we can NOT do:

  • Add Puma body panels.
  • LHD Conversions
  • 200TDI engine conversions (Although we can arrange for it to be done once the vehicle is in the states.)

Your Rover

After understanding your individual requirements we advise and locate you several vehicles to choose from. You then choose the vehicle you’d like to purchase; we then conduct a pre-buy inspection, including a test drive in the UK on your behalf. We then give you a report from the pre-buy and test drive and help you negotiate with the seller.


When you make your selection, we set up driver transport and insurance to the docks. Once pre-shipping cleaning is complete, we then deal UK customs and file all necessary paperwork. RO-RO or container shipping is available.

In the US

We deal with American customs and file all necessary paperwork. We then collect, transport, insure and register your vehicle and deliver the vehicle and you. If it is an out of state purchase we drive the vehicle to VT to get a title inspection and deliver it to you. You can then re-title the vehicle in your home state. Normal total time elapsed from purchase to delivery (in-state) is approximately two months.