The Snatch 1.5/ CAV 100 is based on the Land Rover on a militarized version of the Defender 110. Weighting I’m at 9,000 lbs it features Heavy Duty Chassis, Front and rear Salisbury axles, Armored body/Windows, sliding roof hatch, seating for 8, 3.5 V8 with 5 speed LT85 transmission, LT230 transfer case, power steering, upgraded brakes, and the Espar air conditioning system (fitted on Snatch 1.5 and later).

It was originally procured for use in Northern Ireland by the British Army and was first introduced in 1992.

Six versions have been produced, the first being the original Snatch-1, equipped with a V8 petrol engine. Nearly 1,000 were produced, with 278 being “desertised” and reclassified as the Snatch-1.5 for Service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sadly the Snatch 1’s and 1.5’s are the only version US importable as the latter Snatch 2’s had a 300tdi engine installed latter in life. Due to US customs regulations any Rover entering the US needs the original engine type fitted at time of importation.

The Snatch 1.5 makes a great daily driver Rover. It may weigh a lot but still cruises at 75 and us quiet enough to have a normal conversation in. The AC and heat also works great in these Rover’s allowing for year around comfort. The power steering also makes them much easier to drive than the GS spec rovers. They will hold their own off road with any of the other rovers with the help of modern tires. We recommend the KM3’s in 7.5 R16. Being front and rear Salisbury axles you can add Trutrack locking differentials for even more off-road performance.

For the price point they are very hard to beat for what you get in features vs a GS model.